Saving and Reusing Report Output


When you run a report request, by default the data values that you request are collected and presented in a viewable form complete with column headings and other formatting features. You can take those same data values and, instead of formatting them for viewing, use them to create a new file, data source, or spreadsheet.

When you create a report request, you have many choices for displaying, reusing, and distributing your report output. You can:

  • Store your report output for reuse by another FOCUS procedure or a variety of other applications, including most popular spreadsheet programs and Relational Database Management Systems.
  • Publish your report in a format that facilitates distribution to a large audience. For example:
    • Storing your report output in a file for viewing with popular applications (Excel, Word, and so on).
    • Publishing your report output on the web or corporate Intranet.