Uploading Data Files

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In Developer Studio, you can upload (import) external data files for use in the WebFOCUS reporting tools. This functionality enables you to easily create a WebFOCUS file description and data file for use in your reporting application. The Upload Data File option is available from the Master Files folder while developing in the Projects or Data Servers areas, and also from the Repository area when you right-click a folder.

Upload Data is also available from the Business Intelligence Portal (BI Portal) and the Business Intelligence Dashboard (BI Dashboard).

When the following types of files are uploaded, a synonym is created for each as part of the upload process:

The Upload Data facility uses standard Reporting Server synonym creation syntax. All data types are supported. You can upload large data files and are not limited to java memory resources. The Upload Data facility includes an interface for editing the resulting Master File that allows users to easily set up field attributes. In addition, you can open the synonym in the Synonym Editor, which provides complete editing facilities and error handling.

The applications that are available to the user are controlled by user profiles. The Reporting Server provides additional privileges to control user permissions.

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Starting the Upload Process

In Developer Studio, right-click the Master Files folder and select Upload Data from the New menu.

In the BI Portal and BI Dashboard, the Upload Data tool is launched by right-clicking a folder and selecting Upload/Data from the context menu.

The following image is an example of working in the Projects area of Developer Studio. Similar steps are performed for working in the Data Servers area. As shown in the following image, in the Repository area, the option to Upload Data is available from the folder level, and the option is controlled by user privileges.

The Upload Data dialog box opens, as shown in the following image.

On the Console toolbar, click the Wizards icon to access the Upload Wizard. For more information, see the Metadata chapter in the Server Administration manual.

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Reference: Upload Data File Considerations