Supplying Data Directly

How to:


In certain cases, you may need to include some additional constants (for example, exchange rates, inflation rates) in your model. Not all data values for the model have to be retrieved from the data source. Using the Financial Report Painter, you can supply data directly in the request. For related information, see Saving and Retrieving Intermediate Report Results.

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Procedure: How to Add Data Values Directly to the Report
  1. Click the Data icon on the Financial Report Painter toolbar.


    Right-click anywhere in the row (except on the label) and select Data from the context menu.

    The DATA dialog box opens at the General tab.

  2. In the General tab, you can:
    • Type a row title.
    • Supply an explicit row label to replace the default label on the matrix. (The default label is retained internally.)
    • Select formatting options: Invisible and/or Post to. See DATA Dialog Box.

    These entries are optional.

  3. Click OK to record your entries.
  4. DATA appears in the Row Type column. Type the data values (constants) in the appropriate cells in the matrix.

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Reference: DATA Dialog Box

Data Dialog box

General Tab


Enables you to specify a title for the DATA row in which the title will appear on the report. This entry is optional.


Lists the default label for the DATA row. You can replace the default row identification label with an explicit row label. The default label is retained internally.

Formatting Options:

The following options apply to individual rows in the report.


Creates a DATA row for use in a calculation, but does not display the row on the report. For details, see Suppressing the Display of Rows.

Post To

Posts the output of a DATA row to a work file. This data can then be used as though it were provided in a DATA row. For details, see Saving and Retrieving Intermediate Report Results.

Tip: You can also apply these formatting options from the Row Properties area above the matrix.