WebFOCUS Financial Report Painter

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Just as financial information is a critical cornerstone of business, the WebFOCUS Financial Report Painter is a critical cornerstone of the WebFOCUS Financial Reporting Platform.

Fully integrated with the WebFOCUS Financial Reporting Platform, the robust Financial Report Painter, with its intuitive interface and matrix workpad, makes it easy for developers to create powerful, tailored financial reports that can:

The Financial Report Painter is driven by the powerful financial modeling language within WebFOCUS, which is capable of handling large volumes of data, volatile data relationships, and custom Charts of Accounts. These Charts of Accounts can be quickly displayed in hierarchical trees that can be compressed or expanded with a simple click of the mouse, making it easy for a wide range of users to:

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Advantage Over SQL-Based Financial Reporting Tools

Although many SQL-based reporting tools claim to be well-suited for financial reporting, evidence shows that these tools are actually limited in real-world situations. For example:

Unlike SQL-based financial reporting tools, the WebFOCUS Financial Report Painter meets and exceeds these critical business demands rapidly and efficiently by:

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Advantages for Data Access

Another advantage of the WebFOCUS Financial Report Painter is its ability to access more than 100 data sources on some 35 platforms, including:

This ability for organizations to leverage all their data, from legacy to data warehouse, provides a powerful edge in enterprise financial reporting that very few financial reporting solutions can provide.