WebFOCUS Environments

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The minimum number of WebFOCUS environments set up to manage an application should be three (Development, Test, and Production). However, the architecture can include a full set of environments, as follows:

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Separation of WebFOCUS Environments

Separate WebFOCUS environments are recommended, since they serve different purposes and are invaluable in minimizing downtime and disruptions to production systems.

Ideally, all WebFOCUS environments should be configured identically, especially QA/Test and Production. Sometimes, and mostly due to limited resources, customers consolidate environments or scale back on the number of machines for a specific environment, such as Development.

The following are benefits of separate WebFOCUS environments, which are also integrated into the image shown below:

The following image illustrates the benefits of using separate WebFOCUS environments for testing WebFOCUS Hotfixes, Service Packs, and new releases.

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