Center of Excellence or Competency Center

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The infrastructure deployed to support the lifecycle of an application is critical to its success and can begin with the creation of a Center of Excellence or Competency Center, virtual or real, depending on available resources. An important function of the Competency Center is to define the standards for application development and business requirements. A real Competency Center is an actual department that has been created and is staffed by employees who are dedicated to working in the Competency Center. In a virtual Competency Center, staff may be in different departments, but they are tasked with Competency Center responsibilities that must be prioritized.

The framework to establish a Competency Center can be brought to maturity incrementally, while still serving the day to day needs of an organization. A Competency Center provides a centralized location for developing and supporting the business requirements of an organization.

A Competency Center, if organized and staffed properly can help:

Functional areas of a WebFOCUS Competency Center include:

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Role of Business and Information Technology

Application development standards should take into consideration the role of business and IT of which there are several models. Companies employ varying delivery models, where the responsibility for development varies between the Business and Information Technology (IT). Some models include:

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Development Skill Set

The list below is based on the assumption that developers have basic application development skills. Depending on the complexity of the requirements, the development skill set may include:

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Developer On-Boarding and Training

Developers will need a defined set of on-boarding procedures that are clearly documented to facilitate rapid development, including but not limited to:

In addition to the development infrastructure, the development teams should also decide on a list of internal development guidelines, so all developers can contribute code that can be maintained easily.

Information Builders