Step 5. Verifying the Server Installation

How to:

To verify that you have successfully installed, use the configuration that is created by the installation. You can verify the installation by bringing up, checking, connecting to, testing, disconnecting from, and shutting down the server. (If you started the server as the last step of the installation procedure, skip ahead to Step 4.)

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Procedure: How to Verify Server Installation
  1. Log on to your IBM i operating system with the iadmin user ID.
  2. There are several methods to start a server and options that may be used. The following method for starting a server (using the appropriate library name and TSCOM300 options) would be the most familiar to an IBM i Administrator:
    CALL SRV77/TSCOM300 PARM('-edaconf' '/home/iadmin/ibi/srv77/ffs' '-start')

    Alternate startup methods and batch examples are noted below.

  3. Check to ensure that the processes are up with -show:
    CALL SRV77/TSCOM300 PARM('-edaconf' '/home/iadmin/ibi/srv77/ffs' '-show')
  4. Start the Web Console by starting a browser pointed at the server HTTP Listener port specified during installation. The URL format is http://host:port. (The URL is also displayed at the end of the installation procedure.)

    For example, if default ports were used during installation, use http://host:8101 for a Full-Function Server and http://host:8121 for a WebFOCUS Server.

  5. If the server is running in a secure mode, you will first see a logon screen. Log on using the iadmin ID used during server configuration. For information about configuring the server security, see Step 6. Security Providers

    The Web Console home page opens. The Home Page is arranged in a menu-like context for the various features it supports. Detailed use of the Web Console for configuration or general operation of the server is available by clicking Help in the left navigation menu and in the Server Administration manual.

  6. If the Web Console opens and displays application tree folders in the left pane, the server is working because it uses its own underlying data access and reporting technologies to visualize the application tree. The server may be further data tested (if desired).
  7. When you are done using the server, you can stop it using the Web Console by clicking the Stop option on the Web Console toolbar.
  8. If you experience any problems, examine the IFS /home/iadmin/ibi/srv77/ffs/edaprint.log file.

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