Editing a Stored Procedure

How to:

Once you have created a procedure, you can open the text editor to view or revise it.

Tip: In addition to editing procedure code, you can copy, delete, or move a procedure component using options on the Applications navigation pane.

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Procedure: How to Edit a Procedure

You can edit procedures from the Web Console or the DMC.

  1. From the Web Console menu bar, click Applications, or from the Data Management Console, expand the Server node folder.

    On the Web Console, the Applications page opens.

  2. Expand an application folder.
  3. Right-click a procedure, and select Open.

    The procedure opens in the text editor.

    Tip: Double-clicking the procedure will also open the text editor.

  4. When you have made your changes, click the Save, Save As, or Run icon.

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