Creating Synonyms

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Synonyms define unique names (or aliases) for each table, view, transaction or procedure that is accessible from the server. Synonyms are useful because they hide the underlying data source location, identity, transaction or procedure from client applications. They also provide support for extended metadata features of the server, such as virtual fields and additional security mechanisms.

You can create synonyms for supported adapters from the Web Console or the Data Management Console.

Note: Although all synonym creation panes have the same look and feel, the parameters are specific to each adapter. To obtain detailed information for an adapter, click a ? next to a parameter.

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Procedure: How to Create a Synonym

To create a synonym, you must have previously configured the adapter. You can create a synonym from the Applications or Adapters pages of the Web Console.

  1. From the Web Console menu bar, click Applications.

    The Applications page opens.

  2. Click the New button and select Synonym from the drop-down menu.

    The Select adapter to configure or Select connection to create synonym pane opens.

  3. Click a connection for the configured adapter.

    The first of a series of synonym creation panes opens.

  4. Enter values for the parameters required by the adapter as described in the synonym creation parameters reference.
  5. After entering the parameter values, click Create Synonym.

    The Status pane indicates that the synonym was created successfully.


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Reference: Checking Synonyms

Once you have created a synonym, you can view its properties by right-clicking the synonym and selecting Properties from the context menu.

The Properties page opens and shows the location, adapter, date last modified, and privileges of the connected user for this synonym.

Clicking the Check File button displays the number of errors, number of segments, number of fields, and length of all fields for the synonym.

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