Restricting the Use of APP Commands

How to:

Server administrators can restrict the ability of other classes of users to change the APP environment. This setting is configurable for Application Administrators and Basic Users.

When this restriction is set, all user interfaces affected by this server setting, such as the Web Console, the Data Management Console, Developer Studio, and Managed Reporting, display only applications that are in the effective application search path, instead of displaying all applications defined by the server approot setting. In addition, the use of certain APP commands that users might otherwise issue to bypass the intended controls is restricted.

To ensure full administrative capabilities, the restriction is dynamically switched off when a user who has server administration rights logs on from client software or to the Web Console.

This capability is supported with all security settings.

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Procedure: How to Restrict the Use of APP Commands

The server administrator can restrict the use of APP commands by other users.

  1. From the Workspace menu, select Access Control.
  2. Expand the Roles folder for Application Administrator or Basic user.
  3. Right-click a user or group and choose Properties.
  4. Select the General Privileges tab.
  5. By default Change Own Application Path (No applock) is selected. Deselect this check box to restrict the current user or group ability to use the APP commands listed below.
  6. Click Apply to confirm the setting.

Once modification of the application path is blocked, use of the following APP commands is restricted for the designated user or group:

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