Configuring the Adapter for Query/400

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You can configure the Adapter for Query/400 from the Web Console or from the Data Management Console.

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Procedure: How to Configure the Adapter for Query/400

You can configure the adapter from either the Web Console or the Data Management Console.

  1. From the Web Console menu bar, click Adapters.


    From the Data Management Console, expand the Adapters folder.

    The Adapters folder opens.

  2. Expand the Available folder, if it is not already expanded.
  3. Expand the appropriate group folder and the specific adapter folder. The group folder is described in the connection attributes reference.
  4. Right-click the adapter name and/or version and select Configure.

    The Add Adapter to Configuration pane opens.

  5. Enter values for the parameters required by the adapter, as described in the connection attributes reference.
  6. Click Configure. The configured adapter is added to the Adapters list in the navigation pane.

Note: The Query/400 adapter is under the Procedures group folder. No input parameters are required.