HTML and Drill-Down Reports


When distributing an HTML or drill-down report that contains reference to content located on a web or application server, you must use the FOCHTMLURL (this must be used for Managed Reporting procedures) or BASEURL command in the scheduled procedure to fully qualify the URL value. A fully qualified URL is needed so that the user viewing the report has access to the content on the web or application server where the WebFOCUS Client is installed or the referenced content is located. This enables the user to run the HTML or drill-down report, view images, resolve hyperlinks, and apply external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Note: External Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files must be fully qualified and accessible to the user receiving the report.

To run a drill-down report, a user must have access to the web server and the WebFOCUS Reporting Server. If the WebFOCUS Reporting Server is running in secured mode, the user must have a valid Execution ID and password to run the report. If the user does not have a valid user ID and password, an authentication message is displayed.

Do not use localhost as the host name when coding drill-downs. When the report gets sent to the user machine, localhost refers to the machine the user is on. To be able to run the drill-down request, the request must be sent to the host name of the application server where the WebFOCUS Client is installed.

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Reference: Coding Requirements for Pop-up Field Descriptions

Distributing an HTML report containing pop-up field descriptions with ReportCaster requires the use of JavaScript components located on the WebFOCUS Client. To access these components from a report distributed by ReportCaster, the scheduled procedure must contain the SET FOCHTMLURL command, which must be set to an absolute URL instead of the default value of /ibi_apps/ibi_html.

For example,

SET FOCHTMLURL = http://hostname[:port]/ibi_apps/ibi_html



Is the host name and optional port number (specified only if you are not using the default port number) where the WebFOCUS Web application is deployed.


Is the site-customized server alias pointing to the WebFOCUS81/ibi_html directory. ibi_apps/ibi_html is the default value.