About the Basic Scheduling Tool

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The Basic Scheduling tool provides the ability to create a schedule for a procedure (FEX) from the tree when a report procedure (FEX) is selected from the BI Portal, Dashboard, and Developer Studio. The WebFOCUS Client security authorization model controls whether users are authorized to access the application content stored in the Repository and the Scheduling tools. For information on the Client authorization security model and ReportCaster operations, see the WebFOCUS Security and Administration manual.

To create a new schedule for a report procedure (FEX), navigate to the tree and expand a folder to display your report procedures (FEX). Right-click the report procedure (FEX) you want to schedule, select Schedule, and then select the method to distribute the report procedure (FEX). You can distribute the report procedure (FEX) by Email, FTP, Printer, Report Library, or Managed Reporting, as shown in the following image.

The following image shows the Basic Scheduling tool that consists of a Quick Access Toolbar and the ribbon from which you access the schedule options.


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Basic Scheduling Tool Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar, located at the top of the Basic Scheduling tool, is always visible no matter which options are selected. It provides access to the most commonly used functions. From the Quick Access Toolbar, you can select the ReportCaster button to access the New Distribution List, Save, Save As, Delete, and Close options. You can also access the Save, Run, and Help options from the toolbar, as shown in the following image.

Run options are available for selection from the Run drop-down list.

Note: The schedule must be saved for Run options to be available or enabled.

The Run options you can select include: Run with default traces, Run with no traces, Run with Schedule traces, and Run with Schedule and Report traces, as shown in the following image.

run options

Note: Online help is available my clicking the online help run options icon.

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Basic Scheduling Tool Ribbon

The Basic Scheduling tool ribbon partitions the scheduling options into the following categories: