Editing and Deleting a Distribution List

How to:

If you are authorized to access the Distribution List tool, you can view and edit the Distribution Lists of which you are the owner. If the Distribution List is owned by a group or is published, you have to be authorized to edit it. For more information, see the WebFOCUS Security and Administration manual.

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Procedure: How to Edit a Distribution List
  1. From the tree, select the Distribution List you want to edit and click Open, or double-click the list.

    A window opens displaying the properties of the selected Distribution List, as shown in the following image.

    edit distribution list

  2. From this window, you can perform the following:
    • Change the name of the Distribution List by typing a new name in the Title field.
    • Change the value of the existing Distribution List entries. For example, you can change the Distribution Method.
    • Click Add New or double-click within the area below the Burst Value column to add a New Member to the Distribution List below Burst Value and Email. The Add New Member dialog box appears, as shown in the following image.

      add new member

    • Delete a Distribution List entry by selecting the item to be deleted, then click Delete.
  3. When you have completed your changes, click Save & Close.

    To exit the editing window without making changes, click Close.