Installing Multiple WebFOCUS Instances on the Same Machine

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You can run multiple copies (instances) of WebFOCUS on the same machine, if necessary. To do this, install WebFOCUS multiple times, making sure to change default locations, program folders, and ports.

This section provides an overview. Detailed information varies depending on your web server and application server.

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Installing Additional WebFOCUS Instances

No special steps are required to install and configure the first instance of WebFOCUS. If WebFOCUS is already installed and you just wish to add a second instance, you can keep the existing instance as is. However, if no WebFOCUS instances have been installed yet, you may wish to use non-default locations and names for all instances.

When installing a second WebFOCUS instance, keep the following in mind:

Install WebFOCUS components, keeping these points in mind. For details, see Installing the WebFOCUS Reporting Server and Installing the WebFOCUS Client.

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Configuring Multiple Web and Application Servers

Each instance of WebFOCUS requires a separate web server, website, or application server instance. You can set up each web server or application server instance to either listen on a separate port or use a virtual hostname. Your options depend on whether you use Apache Tomcat with or without Microsoft IIS.