Other WebFOCUS Repository Utilities and Tasks

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This section describes lesser used WebFOCUS Repository related information, utilities, and tasks.

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Dropping or Creating Specific Table Groups

How to:

The default table creation utility creates or drops and creates all repository tables. To drop and re-create only specific table groups, you can use an alternate utility. This is useful if you wish to remove all library data, but keep your schedules and address books.

Procedure: How to Drop and Create Specific Tables
  1. Ensure that the database server is running.
  2. From the Start menu, select Programs, Information Builders, WebFOCUS 81, Utilities, and then Create UOA Repository.

    The WF Repository Management dialog box opens, which allows you to create tables or to drop and re-create tables.

  3. Select a run mode from the drop-down list.

    The following run modes are available:

    • CREATE
    • INSERT
    • UPDATE
    • DROP
  4. Click Run.

    A prompt is displayed if any errors occur during the repository creation or re-creation process.

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Changing the WebFOCUS Repository

How to:

If you wish to change repositories, you must adjust the connection parameters:

If you are using the same database server and just wish to change repositories, you normally only need to change the JDBC URL or credentials. If you are moving between database types (going from FOCUS to DB2), you must also adjust the JDBC CLASS and change the driver in CLASSPATH.

Procedure: How to Change Connection Information
  1. Ensure the JDBC driver for the new database server is installed on the WebFOCUS Client and the Distribution Server machines.
  2. If this is a different driver, add the JDBC driver path to the CLASSPATH of the application server.

    For Apache Tomcat, you can use the Start menu by selecting Programs, Apache Tomcat 8.0, and Configure Tomcat. Then select the Java tab and add a semi-colon plus the full path of the file to the end of the Java Classpath field.

  3. Restart your application server.
  4. Sign in to the WebFOCUS Administration Console from the Administration menu. Click Configuration, expand Application Settings, and then select Repository.

    The Application Settings - Repository pane opens, as shown in the following image.

  5. Provide values for the following repository configuration parameters according to your requirements:
    • IBI_Repos_DB_Driver
    • IBI_Repos_DB_URL
    • IBI_Repos_DB_User
    • IBI_Repos_DB_Password
  6. If this is a different driver, add the JDBC driver path to the following ReportCaster configuration file:

    and to the following value in the registry:

  7. Restart the WebFOCUS web application and the Distribution Server.

    Note: You do not have to restart the entire application server which may have other applications deployed on it.