Configuring Oracle WebLogic

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This section describes the pre-requisites and post-requisites for configuring the Oracle WebLogic Application Server for use with WebFOCUS and ReportCaster. It is assumed that WebLogic components are installed and configured. For additional information, see the WebLogic documentation.

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Java Version Requirement

As of WebFOCUS 8, Java Version 6 is the minimum version required on the system that is hosting the application server where the WebFOCUS Reporting Server and ReportCaster Distribution Server are deployed.

If necessary, apply the Oracle WebLogic Application Server patch 9923849 for Java persistence API 2.0. It is recommended that you use the Oracle Smart Update application to apply the patch. If you apply the patch manually, you must also manually update the WebLogic classpath. For more information, see

Note: When ibi_apps fails to deploy due to the missing JPA files, the following error is produced:

To resolve the issue, apply the Oracle WebLogic Application Server patch 9923849.

WebLogic Post-Installation Step

When configuring WebLogic®, you must perform the following post-installation step.

You must create a new file called weblogic.xml in the WEB-INF directory for the WebFOCUS web application. It must contain the following information:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Once the file is saved, you must recreate the .war file by adding it to webfocus.war. The .war file can be renamed based on your naming convention, and then redeployed.