PCHOLD (Server Side) Graphics Overview

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With Server Side Graphics, a servlet generates graphs on the web or application server and delivers them to the browser as bitmap images (such as .png, .gif, or .jpg) or in a vector format embedded in a PDF document.

There are two options when using servlet. They can be set in cgivars.wfs through the WebFOCUS Administration Console.

In order for the application server to generate the graphs, you must configure the application server environment. You can set the DISPLAY environment variable to an X Windows Server or you can use set the Java VM headless option.

For information on DISPLAY versus headless and their configuration steps, see Configuring Web and Application Servers and Verifying and Troubleshooting Server Side Graphics (PCHOLD).

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HOLD Graphs Overview

With HOLD graphs, the WebFOCUS Reporting Server uses the graph engine to create the graphs either locally or through an HTTP call to the application server. Graphs are then stored on the WebFOCUS Reporting Server. This is required when ReportCaster must distribute graphs in a PDF, but you may find other reasons to use it. The following options are available for HOLD graphs.