Configuring Web and Application Servers

How to:

The WebFOCUS environment will comprise a WebSphere Network Deployment that has a WebSphere cluster with two members. This means that when the WebFOCUS web applications are installed, they must be installed to the WebSphere cluster, not to the individual WebSphere application server instances.

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Procedure: How to Configure Web and Application Servers

To configure web and application servers:

  1. Verify that the WebSphere JPA 2.0 Feature Pack is installed from the WebSphere Admin Console for each of the two WebSphere application servers in the WebSphere cluster.

    In the list of application servers, the version for each of the WebSphere application servers to be used for WebFOCUS should reflect that JPA 2.0 is installed, as shown in the following image.

  2. From the WebSphere Admin Console, add the Oracle JDBC driver to the Java Setting of the WebSphere Application Server instance.
    1. Navigate to Application Servers, {Server Instance}, Server Infrastructure, Java and Process Management, Process Definition, and then Java Virtual Machine.
    2. Under General Properties, add the fully qualified path to the Oracle JDBC driver to Classpath, as shown in the following image.

  3. Install the WebFOCUS web applications packaged with WebFOCUS 8 to the WebSphere Network Deployment Cluster Node:
    install_directory/webapps/webfocus.war (context root /ibi_apps)
    install_directory/webapps/ibi_help.war (context root /ibi_help)
  4. Generate and propagate the web server plug-in.
  5. Start the WebFOCUS web applications and application server.