Creating the WebFOCUS UOA Repository

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WebFOCUS 8 has a new architecture whereby all WebFOCUS web-tier content is stored in an RDBMS database. This database is referred to as the WebFOCUS UOA repository.

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Procedure: How to Create the WebFOCUS UOA Repository

Note: To override the default tablespace when creating the Oracle UOA repository, follow these steps after the WebFOCUS Client and ReportCaster installations are complete.

  1. Generate the Oracle DDL file as follows:
    1. Run install_directory/utilities/WFReposUtil/

      This will create a file called ddl-generation.sql in the install_directory/utilities/ WFReposUtil directory.

  2. Update the ddl-generation.sql file:
    1. For appropriate SQL statements, specify the Oracle tablespace in which the UOA repository tables are to be created and loaded.
  3. Using an external tool, load the UOA repository tables to input SQL statements from the updated ddl-generation.sql file.
  4. Run install_directory/utilities/WFReposUtil/ to load the required WebFOCUS UOA information into the UOA repository.
  5. Verify that the UOA repository tables were created and loaded in the Oracle tablespace specified in the ddl-generation.sql file.