WebFOCUS Repository Setup

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The ReportCaster 8 repository structure has changed from previous releases and is now a part of the WebFOCUS repository. Therefore, you cannot use a repository from an early release without migrating its contents or creating a new repository. The ReportCaster tables in WebFOCUS 8 are now part of the WebFOCUS repository, and a database repository must store ReportCaster scheduling data. If you want to use the Report Library, the database can be any supported database with an available JDBC driver.

Depending on the platform used, the WebFOCUS Repository can be stored in a Derby, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Db2, MySQL®, or PostgreSQL database. Information for JDBC driver versions for these supported JDBC-compliant databases can be found at the following link:

WebFOCUS 8.1.x Client Supported RDBMS and JDBC Drivers

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Repository Options

Review the information below and decide on the database server to use:

For more information about repositories, see Additional WebFOCUS Repository Topics and Tasks.

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WebFOCUS Repository Pre-Installation Tasks

How to:

During the WebFOCUS installation, you are prompted for information that WebFOCUS and ReportCaster need to access your repository. After WebFOCUS receives this information, you can use the WebFOCUS utilities to create repository tables and perform other repository-related tasks.

Additional information on ReportCaster Repositories is available in Additional WebFOCUS Repository Topics and Tasks.

Procedure: How to Prepare for a WebFOCUS Repository

For additional background information and sizing guidelines for Db2 on z/OS, see Additional WebFOCUS Repository Topics and Tasks.

Ask your DBA to perform the following tasks:

  1. Install the JDBC driver for your WebFOCUS repository database on the WebFOCUS Client and ReportCaster Distribution Server machine or machines. You will be prompted for the path to the driver during the WebFOCUS and ReportCaster installation.
  2. Create or assign a user ID and password that will own the repository. You will be prompted for this information during the WebFOCUS and ReportCaster installation.
  3. If applicable, create a database within your database server for the WebFOCUS repository and ensure the user ID you created is the database owner. You will need the name of this database during the ReportCaster installation.

    You can optionally create tablespaces for the repository. For sizing guidelines, see Sizing Guidelines.

Note: Database collation must be case sensitive for WebFOCUS.