WebFOCUS Installation Overview

In this section:

This section briefly explains the different WebFOCUS installation components, as well as how those components interact and are configured.

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WebFOCUS and Your Network

WebFOCUS seamlessly integrates into your existing network by connecting web servers and application servers to your data. End users, developers, and administrators then access WebFOCUS through a web browser.

The main requirements for installing WebFOCUS are:

A complete list of requirements is provided in WebFOCUS and ReportCaster Installation Requirements.

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WebFOCUS Components

There are two main WebFOCUS components to install:

During the WebFOCUS Client and ReportCaster installation, your license determines the components you install. The following options are available:

The following WebFOCUS products can be purchased and installed separately:

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WebFOCUS Processing

The following steps and figure describe how WebFOCUS processes WebFOCUS report requests:

  1. A user requests a report and passes parameters by calling a WebFOCUS servlet through links and forms on a webpage.
  2. The request and parameters come to the WebFOCUS Client on the web or application server, which processes the parameters and creates a request for the WebFOCUS Reporting Server.
  3. The WebFOCUS Reporting Server receives the request, processes it, and accesses any needed data.
  4. Data is retrieved from data sources to process the request.
  5. The WebFOCUS Reporting Server processes the request of the user using the retrieved data.
  6. The response is returned to the WebFOCUS Client on the web or application server.
  7. The response is returned to the user in the appropriate format (for example, HTML, XML, PDF, Excel, and PNG).

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WebFOCUS Configuration

WebFOCUS employs a distributed architecture. This means that the WebFOCUS Client, the WebFOCUS Reporting Server, and your data can be located on any platform, anywhere in your network. You can easily connect an Apache web server running on UNIX to SQL Server data on Windows or DB2 data on z/OS.

The configuration requirements are:

Note: All WebFOCUS components must be of the same release to communicate properly.

The following configurations are examples of how WebFOCUS could be distributed: