Application Main Menu


In the upper-left corner of the InfoAssist interface, click the IA button IA Button to open the Application main menu, as shown in the following image.

InfoAssist Application Main Menu

You can run the following commands from the Application main menu:

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Reference: Open Dialog Box

The Open dialog box displays when you launch InfoAssist. It also displays when you join and blend data. You can use this dialog box to do the following:

The Open dialog box is shown in the following image.

Note: When you launch InfoAssist, the Open dialog box displays. It contains a search field, which you can use to locate a specific Master (.mas) file. When you are working in a document and you click Open, the Open dialog box displays a list of procedures (.fex), however, a search field is not available.

The Open dialog box contains the following options:

Connect to Data

Opens the Metadata tool, where you can configure a Data Adapter to connect to an existing database and create synonyms.

Upload File

Opens the Upload tool, where you can upload user data from a machine to which you have access. This data can be used with WebFOCUS reporting.


Opens the selected Master File in InfoAssist.


Search for data sources within the selected folder and down within its hierarchy. To search, type your query into the search box in the upper-right corner of the Open dialog box. You can access previously specified search criteria using the drop-down list box in the search tool, as shown in the following image.

Note: Previously specified search criterion are per session only and are not saved from session to session.