Accessing InfoAssist

You can access InfoAssist through the WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal. After you have signed in to BI Portal, you can work with an existing folder in the tree, or create a new folder to store your reports, charts, dashboards, and documents. Once you have identified the folder you want to use, right-click it, point to New, and then click Report, Chart, Dashboard, or Document to open InfoAssist.

The Tool Setup dialog box opens. Specify a server or application path of your choice, or use the default. Click OK.

The Open dialog box opens.

Select the data source that you want and click OK to close the dialog box. You can also double-click a data source to open it and close the dialog box in one step. You can select a different directory, or click Upload File to upload a data source from your local machine. For more information on uploading, see Open Dialog Box.

Once you select your data source, the InfoAssist application window opens.