Using Reporting Object Filters to Limit Output Data

How to:

Filtering is an option in the context menu for a Reporting Object that has one or more filters defined. Filters enable you to quickly select predefined criteria to limit the data that is included in the report or chart you are running.

Filter selections stay in effect only for the Dashboard session. Once you log off Dashboard, all Filter selections are cleared.

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Procedure: How to Use Filters to Limit Output Data
  1. Click on a Reporting Object that has filters defined.
  2. From the menu, select Filter.

    If the Filter option is not available on the menu, this means filters have not been set up for this report.

    The Filter Selection window opens.

    Note: The Filter Selection window lists the filters defined in the Reporting Object. For example, the following image shows filters for year, geographic area, and quarter, with check boxes for the value options defined for each filter.

    The Filter Selection window

  3. Select the filtering options you want to use and click Save.

    Your selections are saved, and the Filter Selection window closes.

  4. Click the report and select Run or Run Deferred to submit the report to the Reporting Server.