Adding a Message of the Day

How to:

You can add a message of the day that will display for public users and authorized users. You can display any text message up to 100 characters. By default, the message is included in the view. The message can be removed by deselecting the Check to use Message of the Day check box.

You can change the message of the day outside of the View Builder by editing the message.html file. This file is located in:



Is public for the general public view. Otherwise, it is the directory specified in the Public Views or Group Views window.

Open this file in any HTML editor and update the message text, which is the <TD> element within the table.

The following image shows the Message of the Day window where you type the message text.

Message of the Day Window

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Procedure: How to Add a Message of the Day
  1. From the View Builder, select a view and click Edit Look.
  2. Click Message.

    The Message of the Day window opens.

  3. Type the desired text in the Message field.

    The message can contain up to 100 characters.

  4. Click Preview to view the message in the preview area.
  5. Click Save when you are finished.