Viewing Content Blocks

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When viewing content in Dashboard, the following options and information are available:

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Setting Automatic Refresh for a Content Block

How to:

After an administrator enables automatic block refresh functionality for a content block, a Refresh check box and refresh time interval field are displayed in the block toolbar. You can set automatic refresh functionality to have the data in your content block automatically refreshed at regular intervals. The Refresh check box is unselected by default every time you log on to the view. The refresh time interval field is populated with the minimum allowable refresh value (in seconds) by default. The refresh value represents the amount of elapsed time between recurring instances of the block being automatically refreshed when the Refresh check box is selected.

Note: Selecting the Refresh check box disables the refresh time interval field, which prevents the value from being changed. Deselecting the Refresh check box enables the refresh time interval field again.

Procedure: How to Set Automatic Refresh for a Content Block
  1. You have the option of using the default refresh value displayed in the block toolbar.


    You can type a value in seconds that is greater than or equal to the default value displayed in the seconds refresh time interval field (located to the right of the Refresh check box in the block toolbar). Entering a non-integer value or a value less than the default value generates an error message.

  2. Select the Refresh check box in the block toolbar, as shown in the following image.

    Human Resources Main View

    Tip: If you want to edit the refresh value, deselect the Refresh check box, type a new value, then select the check box again.

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Viewing List and Folder Block Items

List and folder block items appear as hyperlinks in Dashboard. To view a list or folder block item, click the hyperlink or select the Run or View option from the menu. The output appears in a separate browser window unless an Output block window has been created in the content page you are viewing. If an Output block has been created, the output appears there.

When a list or folder block appears, an icon precedes each report. The following table shows a list of icons with its corresponding descriptions.




Internet Hyperlinks button

Internet hyperlinks

Hyperlinks and launch forms.

Report button


Procedures that do not require input or launch forms, and for procedures designated Run Only as a Deferred Report.

The following image shows a sample Human Resources folder, with procedures and launch forms.

Human Resources folder sample

Note: The menu that opens when you right-click an item is not valid for items in list or folder blocks.