The Mobile Favorites List

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The following image shows a sample Mobile Favorites list.

Report items stored in the Mobile Favorites list are sorted alphabetically by title. All the options that are usually available for an item are available from the Mobile Favorites list, including Run, Run Deferred, and Schedule.

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Accessing Mobile Favorites

You can access your Mobile Favorites by typing the URL in the browser of a mobile device, or by sending an email from the BI Portal that contains the URL to your Mobile Favorites list and then opening that email using a mobile device.

Note: The Mobile Favorites page, as shown in the following image, provides a shortcut to the BI Portal reports that you selected as Mobile Favorites.

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Procedure: How to Email Mobile Favorites
  1. Right-click the Mobile Favorites node, and select Send Email.

    The Mobile Favorites Email dialog box opens, as shown in the following image.

    Mobile Favorites Email Dialog Box

  2. In the Email Address text box, type the email address to which you want to send your Mobile Favorite.

    The email address associated with your Managed Reporting user ID is populated in the Email Address field by default.

  3. Click Send. The email is sent. It contains a link for accessing the Mobile Favorites URL.

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Procedure: How to Access Mobile Favorites From a Mobile Device
  1. Access the Mobile Favorites URL in one of the following ways:
    • Open the email sent from Mobile Favorites, and click the link.

      For more information about how to email Mobile Favorites, see How to Email Mobile Favorites.

    • Type the following Mobile Favorites URL in the browser of a mobile device.



      Is the name of the web server and optional port number (specified only if you are not using the default port number), where the WebFOCUS application is deployed.


      Is the site-customized context root for the WebFOCUS web application deployed on the application server. The default value is ibi_apps.

  2. In the pop-up form that appears, type your Managed Reporting user ID and password.

    An example of a pop-up form is shown in the following image.

    Pop Up Form

    Note: When a valid user ID and password is accepted, a non-expiring cookie is written to the mobile device unless you clear the Remember me check box. This check box is selected by default. This cookie is valid for the duration of the browser session to provide direct access to the Mobile Favorites launch page without having to provide log in credentials again. If you close the browser, you have to enter a valid user ID and password to log in again.

    The Mobile Favorites launch page opens. The available report items appear as links, as shown in the following image.

    Mobile Favorites Launch Page With Available Report Items

    The interface is styled like a mobile web app, with buttons and page titles at the top, main content in the middle, and branding at the bottom. The main content is scrollable within the title and branding frames.

    In most devices, this requires only one finger to scroll, but some devices, like pre-iOS 5 AppleĀ® devices, require a two-finger scroll.

    In addition, this interface is optimized for mobile devices, but still can be accessed from desktop browsers. However, desktop browsers, such as Firefox, might require you to use keyboard arrow buttons.

    Mobile Favorites links are organized by their domain-based folders and are listed in alphabetical order. This is similar to the behavior experienced with the Mobile Faves app.

  3. Click the associated link to view a particular report item.

    The item opens.

    The following image is an example of an open report.

    Open Report Example

  4. You can navigate back to the Mobile Favorites launch page to view additional report items.