Searching Content


The Content Search allows you to perform specific searches of the domains available to you.

You can add items from a Content Search to your favorites list directly from the search results window. You can also use Content Search when creating content blocks to quickly find items.

Access the Content Search dialog box by right-clicking your content and then selecting Search from the context menu.

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Reference: Search Dialog Box

The Search dialog box is shown in the following image.

Search Dialog Box

The Search dialog box has the following options:

Saved Searches
Search Name

Select a search that was previously saved.

Search Query
Starting Folder

Select the folder you want to search. To search across all available folders, select All Folders.

Title Search

Enter a text string for which you want to search. The search looks for matching values within the title of folders and items within the domain folder path. If you leave this value blank, all available items from the selected domain are returned to the output panel on the right side of the window.

Select from the following:

  • Any Match. Searches for the text string anywhere within the titles.
  • Starts With. Searches for a title that starts with the search string.
  • Ends With. Searches for a title that ends with the search string.
  • Exact Match. Searches for a title that exactly matches the string entered.
  • Regular Expression. Searches using a regular expression.
Column Display

You can include the following in the results:

  • Folder
  • Path
  • Last Modification Date
  • Reporting Server
  • Application Path
Resource Types

You can limit the search to the following:

  • Report
  • URL
  • Reporting Object
  • Folder
  • Schedule
  • Library Access List
  • Distribution List
  • Library
  • All
Reporting Server
Reporting Server

Specifies the Reporting Server to use for the search.

Application Path

Specifies the Application Path to use for the search.