Importing and Configuring the RDF Add-on

How to:

The RDF Add-on is distributed as a single Change Management package that can be imported in the WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal (BI Portal). To access the contents of the package, unzip the file and move the RDFTemplates folder, which contains the RDF Add-on contents, to the following location on your machine:


Adding content to this folder will make it accessible from the Change Management Import facility in the WebFOCUS BI Portal.

Note: If you are using a different version of WebFOCUS or changed some of your settings during the installation of WebFOCUS, you may need to move the package to a different folder to make it accessible for a Change Management Import.

Before importing the RDF Add-on Change Management Package, ensure that the following settings are configured accordingly in the Administration Console.

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Procedure: How to Import the RDF Add-on Change Management Package
  1. Access the WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal in one of the following ways:
    • In a web browser, type http://server:port/ibi_apps.
    • From the Environments Tree panel in App Studio, select the WebFOCUS environment where the RDF Change Management package is available, and then click BI Portal from the WebFOCUS Administration menu.
  2. In the Resources tree, expand the Change Management node, and then expand Import.

    The package containing the RDF Add-on should be available. If not, right-click Import and click Refresh. If it still does not appear, make sure that the change package has been unzipped and moved into the correct folder to make it accessible.

  3. Right-click RDFTemplates and click Import.

    The Import Package dialog box opens.

  4. Select your preferred options and click OK.
  5. Right-click the Content node and click Refresh.

    A new folder containing the RDF Add-on appears. This folder will also be available in the Content node, in the Environments Tree panel in App Studio.

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Reference: Configuring Existing Content for the RDF Add-on

The RDF Add-on content is configured for use with the angular.sty StyleSheet, so pre-existing content made using other WebFOCUS StyleSheets may not format correctly when referenced or imported in an RDF page.

To format them for use with the RDF Add-on, you will need to include the path to the angular.sty StyleSheet. Right-click the procedure file in the App Studio Environments Tree panel and click Open in Text Editor. Add the following lines of syntax after the line ON GRAPH SET STYLE * or ON TABLE SET STYLE *:




Is the full file path of the folder containing the StyleSheet originally used for the pre-existing file.


Is the name of the StyleSheet, including the .sty extension, originally used for the pre-existing file.


Is the file path of the folder containing the angular.sty StyleSheet file contained within the RDF Add-on.