You can control the styling of certain elements in an Active Technologies report or dashboard using the WebFOCUS StyleSheet feature. In addition, starting with WebFOCUS Reporting Server Release 7.7 Version 04, you can control the styling of all elements using cascading style sheets (CSS) class selectors.

The class selectors use the standard HTML and Flex CSS class attribute. Each is defined with a period (.) in the original irpcfg.js file, which is found in the \ibi\srv77\home\etc\ folder. Note that Adobe Flex components do not support gradient through CSS.

You can specify a particular style for each class, as needed, by defining the style section of a file that you create, named irpcfgu.js.

The procedure is as follows:

Once you have completed the custom style section in the irpcfgu.js file, you can call this section from your procedure. For example, use the following syntax in the WebFOCUS StyleSheet section

TYPE=REPORT, ARSTYLESET=custom_style_name,$



Is the name that you gave the style section in your irpcfgu.js file.

For details on ARSTYLESET syntax, see How to Apply Custom Styles to an Active Technologies Report or Dashboard.

For details on WebFOCUS StyleSheets, see the Creating Reports With WebFOCUS Language manual.