Starting with WebFOCUS Reporting Server Release 7.7 Version 04, eight sets of icons for Active Technologies are supplied with the product. Information on each icon set is provided in Icon Set Details.

You can specify the supplied set of icons that you would like to apply to an active report, chart, or dashboard by adding ARICONSET syntax to the WebFOCUS procedure for the report, chart, or dashboard. For details on ARICONSET syntax, see How to Customize Icons for an Active Technologies Report or Dashboard.

In addition to specifying one of the supplied icon sets using ARICONSET, you can:

For either option, you need to define the custom icon set in the icon set section of a file that you create, named irpcfgu.js.

The high-level procedure is as follows:

Once you have completed the custom icon set in the irpcfgu.js file, you can call this icon set from your procedure. For example, use the following syntax in the WebFOCUS StyleSheet section

TYPE=REPORT, ARICONSET=custom_icon_set_name,$



Is the name that you gave your custom icon set in the icon set section of the irpcfgu.js file.

The custom icon set will apply to all procedures that specify the name of that set using the preceding ARICONSET syntax in the WebFOCUS StyleSheet, regardless of the output format of the active report, chart, or dashboard. The same custom icon set that you specify in the syntax is reflected in AHTML, FLEX, and APDF output formats.

For details on WebFOCUS StyleSheets, see the Creating Reports With WebFOCUS Language manual.