Displaying the Values of a Remote Server

How to:

The ? REMOTE command displays information about remote servers. By issuing the ? REMOTE command while connected to a WebFOCUS server, you can obtain information about your remote destination, service, user ID, EDA node, servlet, report server node, and the web server user ID and password.

For Developer Studio, the MR Base directory is also displayed. The MR Dir is a parameter that enables a Developer Studio administrator or developer to specify a WebFOCUS repository if multiple repositories reside on one web server. This setting overrides the WebFOCUS default.

Syntax: How to Display the Values of a Remote Server


Example: Displaying the Values of a Remote Server

Issuing the command


produces information similar to the following:

 Remote Destination --> LOOPBACK Remote User ID is not set. Remote User Password is not set. There is no conversations active.