Creating a Dialogue Manager Procedure

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You can create a procedure with a system editor. When creating a procedure, you must follow these rules:

Commenting a Procedure


It is good practice to include comments in a procedure for the benefit of others who may use it. It is particularly recommended that you use comments in a procedure heading to supply the date, the version, and other relevant information. A hyphen and an asterisk (-*) mark the beginning of a comment.

Reference: Adding a Comment in a Procedure

You can place a comment in a procedure in the following ways:

  • Include text after the -*, optionally with a space before the text.
  • Place a comment at the beginning or end of a procedure, or between commands. A comment cannot be on the same line as a command. The following is invalid:
    -RUN -*Version 3 06/10/00
  • In Developer Studio, if you are creating a procedure with graphical tools, use the Other tool to enter comments. Comments added directly in a report or graph procedure using the text editor will be lost when you open the procedure in the graphical tool if the comments occur between the TABLE and END commands.

    See Editing Application Components as Text in Developer Studio in the Creating Reporting Applications With Developer Studio manual for details on the Other tool.

Example: Placing a Comment in a Procedure

The following example places comments at the beginning of a procedure.

-* Version 1  08/26/02  HRINFO  Procedure