Command Console Window

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The Command Console is a command entry window that allows you to send commands directly to the WebFOCUS Reporting Server without creating a new procedure. When you send commands to the server from the Command Console, the results appear in your web browser.

For detailed information on syntax and commands, see the following WebFOCUS manuals:

The Console window appears as the following:

Console window

Reference: Console Toolbar

The following table describes the tool buttons on the Console toolbar.



Run button

Runs a command.

Clear button

Clears the Output window.

Back button

Displays the last command executed from the Command Console.

Forward button

Displays the command next in the list of those executed from the Command Console.

WebFOCUS environments drop down list box

Displays the available WebFOCUS environments that are configured.

Procedure: How to Access the Command Console

  • Select Command Console from the Command menu.


  • Click the Command Console button button on the toolbar.