WebFOCUS Application Logic


To develop self-service reporting applications for the web, you need software components that manage the flow from the time you begin to develop your project to the time a user launches a report request in a web browser and sees the results returned to the browser. A project is a WebFOCUS application being developed on the local server. After building and testing a project, you can deploy it as a web application.

During the development phase, you can use WebFOCUS Developer Studio, a Windows®-based graphical environment, to build, test, and deploy your applications to the web. Developer Studio adds the ease and speed of graphical development to the traditional power of WebFOCUS to access data, process requests, and deliver information to large communities of users.

Whether you are testing a project while building it in Developer Studio or deploying the project to end users who will access it from web browsers, you can depend on the underlying application logic of WebFOCUS to manage the process transparently, provided that you properly install and configure the components.