Checking a Data Source Description

The CHECK output highlights any errors in your Master File and allows you to correct each before reading the data source. After making any necessary corrections, use CHECK again to confirm that the Master File is valid.

Syntax: How to Check a Data Source Description

[HOLD [AS name] [ALL]]



Is the name under which you created the Master File.


Is used for an alternate view of the Master File.


Is an option that displays a diagram showing the complete data source structure. The keyword PICTURE can be abbreviated to PICT. This option is explained in PICTURE Option.


Alters the picture to reflect the order in which segments are retrieved when TABLE or TABLEF commands are issued. Note that unique segments are viewed as logical extensions of the parent segment. The keyword RETRIEVE can be abbreviated to RETR.


Lists duplicate field names for the specified data source. The keyword DUPLICATE can be abbreviated to DUPL.


Generates a temporary HOLD file and HOLD Master File containing information about fields in the data source. You can use this HOLD file to write reports. The AS option specifies a field name for your data sources. The option is described and illustrated in HOLD Option.


Is a name for the HOLD file and HOLD Master File.


Adds the values of FDEFCENT and FYRTHRESH at the file level and the values of DEFCENT and YRTHRESH at the field level to the HOLD file.