Maximum Number of Display Fields Supported in a Request

The maximum number of display fields you can include in a report request is approximately 1024 (495 for MATCH requests). However, when adding fields to a request, it is important to be aware that the allowable number of fields includes all named fields, whether printed or not, including data source fields, temporary fields (virtual fields and calculated values), certain internal fields (for example, TABPAGENO), and fields used in headings and footings. The total does not include sort fields.

This field limit is also affected by the combined length of fields in the request. The field limit represents the maximum number of fields allowed when each field has the smallest length possible (A4 ACTUAL). Longer field lengths reduce the total number of printable fields.

When you create a report, the fields specified in the request are stored in a 256K (3956 bytes for MATCH requests) data area. The capacity of the data area is affected by a number of factors:

If the combined length of the display fields in the data area exceeds the maximum capacity, an error message displays. To correct the problem, adjust the number or lengths of the fields in the request.