Navigating Within an HTML Report

You can include the following navigation features within a report to control the report display:

  • Dynamic TOC. You can add a multi-level table of contents to a report to enhance the viewing and navigation of data. The TOC can appear as an expandable list of clickable values or as a series of drop-down form controls. By clicking values in the TOC, you can toggle between views of the data and quickly locate specific values in the report.
  • WebFOCUS Viewer. You can divide an HTML report into multiple webpages to speed the delivery of information to your browser. This feature, also known as on-demand paging, is implemented in the WebFOCUS Viewer, where you can navigate to subsequent, previous, or specific pages after your first page of output is displayed.
  • Hyperlinks between pages. You can define automatic hyperlinks in a report that contains multiple pages, making it easy to link consecutive report pages together and navigate to the next or previous page.

For related information, see Navigating Between Reports.