Customizing the Managed Reporting Deferred Status Interface


You can customize the Managed Reporting Deferred Status Interface to remove the WebFOCUS and Information Builders images and to remove the individual option buttons available for deferred reports.

The Deferred Status Interface is rendered using code in the \ibi\WebFOCUS81\client\wfc\etc\xxtemplate.xml file, where xx is the two-character language prefix. For example, ENtemplate.xml is the template file for English. There is a version of this file for each WebFOCUS translated language.

The manual customizations must be reapplied each time a WebFOCUS Client service pack or hotfix is applied and the WebFOCUS Client file \ibi\WebFOCUS81\client\wfc\etc\xxtemplate.xml is replaced. The most current version of the xxtemplate.xml file may contain enhancements or fixes, so the manual customizations must be reapplied. Do not use a prior release backup of your customizations, as this may result in unexpected behavior.

Contact Customer Support Services if you would like assistance with applying the customizations provided in this document.

Information Builders