Mobile Faves for iOS User's Manual


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In this section:

This manual describes how to install and use the Mobile Faves for iOS app.

How This Manual Is Organized

This manual includes the following chapters:

Chapter/Appendix Contents


Introducing WebFOCUS Mobile

Introduces WebFOCUS Mobile and the Mobile Faves app.


The Basics

Discusses how to navigate WebFOCUS Mobile Faves for opening, viewing, and saving content.


The Fancy Stuff

Discusses adding and removing server connections, handling email content, and updating the Mobile Faves app.


Additional Resources

Introduces additional Mobile Faves App and Mobile Favorites resources that are available online.

Documentation Conventions

The following table lists and describes the conventions that apply in this manual.





this typeface

Denotes syntax that you must enter exactly as shown.

this typeface

Represents a placeholder (or variable) in syntax for a value that you or the system must supply.


Indicates a default setting.

this typeface

Represents a placeholder (or variable), a cross-reference, or an important term. It may also indicate a button, menu item, or dialog box option you can click or select.

this typeface

Highlights a file name or command.

Key + Key

Indicates keys that you must press simultaneously.

{  }

Indicates two or three choices; type one of them, not the braces.

[  ]

Indicates a group of optional parameters. None are required, but you may select one of them. Type only the parameter in the brackets, not the brackets.


Separates mutually exclusive choices in syntax. Type one of them, not the symbol.


Indicates that you can enter a parameter multiple times. Type only the parameter, not the ellipsis points (...).


Indicates that there are (or could be) intervening or additional commands.