Using the Tools Menu

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The Tools menu enables you to perform actions, such as saving, sharing, or printing content. This menu is available by tapping the Tools icon Tools icon, located above the web viewer.

Note: If any of the options in the Tools menu are disabled, you do not have access to that function. For more information on changing these settings, contact your WebFOCUS administrator, or see the Configuring Privileges section of the WebFOCUS Security and Administration manual.

Saving Content on Your Device

Active Technologies reports and PDFs can be saved on your iPad or iPhone for future reading.

Saving makes the content accessible from the app even when you have no access to Wi-Fi or 3G.

To save content, tap the Tools icon, then tap Save.

Before saving, you may want to give the saved content a relevant name and add some comments, as shown in the following image.

Save the report window

Tap Save to save the content.

A confirmation message displays.

Sharing Content by Email

You can email content from your iPad or iPhone.

Tap the Tools icon Tools icon and then tap Email to email the content that you are viewing on your Mobile Faves app. You have the option to send Content Only, Screenshot Only, or All of the content.

Mobile Faves launches the iPad or iPhone email app with the content attached, as shown in the following image. In this example, a screenshot of the content is displayed.

Fill out the email form, then tap Send.

Open the email message on your mobile device to view the content. If the screenshot is not embedded within the email, tap the image attachment icon to open the image.

Printing Content

To print content, tap the Tools icon Tools icon.

Tap Print to open the Printer Options menu, where you can select the printer, enter the range of pages to print, and indicate the number of copies to print, as shown in the following image.