Mobile Faves Customer-Branded Versions: An Offering From Information Builders

The Information Builders Mobile Faves app provides native listing, viewing, organizing, storage, subscription, and emailing of WebFOCUS content on iPad and iPhone devices. This app works well with WebFOCUS Mobile solutions, allowing for native access to the portable, view-anywhere WebFOCUS content. You can use the app, installed directly to your device from the Apple® App Store, to assist delivery of your content to your employees, partners, and customers.

The Mobile Faves Customer-Branded offering now lets you deploy a custom-branded version of the Mobile Faves app. The custom-branded version gives you all the power of the Information Builders Mobile Faves app, with your enterprise branding in place in the app. As a result, your partners and customers can see an app that comes directly from you.

For more information, see the Mobile Faves Branding Package Developer’s Guide.