How the Branding Service Works

In this section:

To minimize support requirements and reduce the need for you to provide your own iOS developers, the branding service provides Information Builders programmers who build the Mobile Faves app for you. You just need to provide the graphical, licensing, and naming elements for the app to Information Builders, with control over kicking off builds.

Once you provide these elements, you are able to upload graphical elements and provide naming information and your own Apple license information to Information Builders. You are able to kick off automatic builds of the app. You need to obtain these licenses from Apple as a prerequisite for using this service.

Once built by Information Builders, your private branded version of the Mobile Faves app can be distributed either to the public in the Apple App Store, or to your employees and partners within a private App Store hosted within your enterprise, through your Apple Enterprise distribution license.

This service is offered for a one-time license fee, with annual maintenance required to continue to maintain the app.


Branding Process - New Customer

The branding process consists of the following steps:

  1. Collect components (build, graphical, and textual) and metadata. See Build Components, Graphical Components, Textual Components, and Metadata.
  2. Furnish components to Information Builders. See Kicking Off a Build.
  3. Information Builders verifies components and may require changes, as needed. Once all components are verified, Information Builders provides you with a build of the app.
  4. Verify the build from Information Builders and update components, if required.
  5. Submit to Apple App Store or publish internally.

Branding Process - Maintenance

Information Builders rebuilds the app using the same components and metadata from the original packaging.

Over time, Apple issues new requirements for iOS apps. Although Information Builders will automatically build your Branded app for every new release, we may need you to furnish additional components and metadata, as required by Apple.