Configuring VPN on Your Device

The Mobile Faves app requires the user to have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. In the Settings section of your Android phone or tablet, turn Wi-Fi ON.

In the Settings section, tap More Settings.

In the Wireless and networks page, tap VPN.

Note: You will be prompted to set a screen unlock pattern, PIN, or password on the device if you do not have one set already.

Tap Add VPN Network.

Fill in the required fields based on the VPN settings of your organization and tap Save. If your WebFOCUS environment is located behind a corporate firewall, you need to use VPN on your device to access it.

Edit VPN network

Tap Save.

If you have already selected content as Mobile Favorites from your WebFOCUS portal, you should now be ready to start using your Mobile Faves app.