Error Messages

An error occurred near the specified line number. The subsequent error message(s) should indicate the problem.

(FOC03602) Warning. Ignoring redefinition of %1 field %2.

In MAINTAIN, once a field has been established with a format, the format cannot be changed. Most likely, this MAINTAIN has a field name that has been given two different formats. Either change one of the field names or omit the format.

(FOC03603) Types %1 and %2 differ; built in conversion supplied.

(FOC03604) %1 is not a valid format.

The format specified after a field name is not valid. FOCUS supports A1 through 256, I1 though 9, D1 through 15, P1 through 15, F1 though 9 and date formats. Formats may also contain any of the allowed edit options.

(FOC03605) %1 is not recognized.

MAINTAIN has encountered an object, such as a field name, stack name, or case name, that does not exist. Check for spelling errors or any other errors that might have occurred.

(FOC03606) Incompatible types %1 and %2.

(FOC03607) %1 is an invalid type for operator %2, expecting %3 type.

(FOC03608) Invalid constant '%1'.

The value specified could not be interpreted by MAINTAIN as a constant of any FOCUS type. Check the specification of the constant for any typographical errors.

(FOC03609) Wrong argument count in call to case %1. Got %2, expected %3.

The definition of a MAINTAIN case specifies the number and types of parameters it expects. The invocation of the case that was flagged as an error did not comply with the definition of the case as regards to the number and/or types of the parameters passed.

(FOC03610) %1 is not a field in (or member of) type %2.

The most common example of this error is referencing a field in a stack when the stack does not contain that field as a column.

(FOC03611) %1 is not a method in type %2.

(FOC03612) Type %1 is not a stack or collection type.

(FOC03613) EVENT not allowed outside of method context or in STARTUP.

(FOC03614) %1 is not an event in type %2.

(FOC03615) Type %1 is not defined.

(FOC03616) Warning. Too many values, ignoring value #%1.

There are too many values in a nested initialization for the data type. Extra values are ignored.

(FOC03617) Too many subscripts on type %1.

(FOC03618) Unable to analyze type reference.

(FOC03619) MASTER file has changed since procedure :%1: was compiled.

One of the MASTER files mentioned in the FILE statement has changed since the MAINTAIN was compiled. The Maintain procedure mentioned in the error message needs to be compiled again.

(FOC03620) Pointer variables must be initialized.

(FOC03621) Bad pointer type reference %1.

(FOC03622) Bad collection type reference '%1 OF %2'.

(FOC03623) 'RETURNS ...' not allowed on case %1 in type %2, ignoring.

(FOC03624) Duplicate definition of case %1 in type %2, ignoring.

(FOC03625) Duplicate definition of event %1 in type %2, ignoring.

(FOC03626) Duplicate definition of type %1, ignoring.

(FOC03627) Duplicate definition of case %1, ignoring.

(FOC03628) Type name %1 is not allowed because it is a FOCUS format.

(FOC03629) Both initialization and STARTUP for global %1.

(FOC03630) Compiler Error: %1.

(FOC03631) (Internal Error) No Info Node.

(FOC03632) Internal Error.

(FOC03633) Stack : %1 : contains multiple paths.

In MAINTAIN, a single stack is restricted to containing data from only one path. Examine the database statements that reference the stack in question to determine where the stack received data from different paths.

(FOC03634) Database Statement does not reference the Database.

None of the fields in the database statements referred to fields in the database. Check the spelling of the field in the statement. Alternatively, if the field name is ambiguous, qualify it with the segment, Master File name, or both.

(FOC03635) %1 : Is not a Database Entity.

The field in question appears in a statement that requires a database field. The field specified could not be interpreted as a database field.

(FOC03636) %1 : Is Unsupported Syntax.

(FOC03637) A Database Statement may only reference one Path.

In MAINTAIN, only one path may be referenced by any single database statement. If data is required from multiple paths, process each path with separate statements. Remember that a single stack has the same single path only restriction.

(FOC03638) %1 area overflow.

(FOC03639) Invalid Combination of Copy Arguments.

If a Copy specified Current as the From or Into, then the statement may not have a For or Where clause.

(FOC03640) On Match/Next Include is invalid syntax.

In MAINTAIN, you must avoid multiple instances of the same key in the database. As a result, syntax like ON MATCH INCLUDE is problematic and flagged as an error.

(FOC03641) On NoMatch/NoNext Update/Delete is invalid syntax.

Database statements, such as UPDATE and INCLUDE, operate on a record in the database. Statements like ON NOMATCH UPDATE have no meaning.

(FOC03642) Root of retrieval may not be a Unique segment.

(FOC03643) There are no databases in scope for the statement.

(FOC03644) Field : %1 : is not updateable.

Certain fields in a database are marked as non-updateable. Key fields in FOCUS databases are such fields.

(FOC03645) WHERE clause syntax : %1.

(FOC03646) FOR (update/delete/include/revise) requires a FROM stack.

The FOR UPDATE statement is designed to operate on a set of records. Such a set must be specified (through the FROM clause) for the statement to make sense.

(FOC03647) %1 type information incomplete for %2.

(FOC03648) FOR retrieval requires an INTO stack.

(FOC03649) Undefined Stack : %1 : in %2 clause.

(FOC03650) Syntax Error at or near line %1 in %2.

(FOC03651) The command %1 is not yet implemented.

(FOC03652) (Internal Error) in Maintain Parser.

(FOC03653) Cannot Display Non-Scalar Object.

(FOC03654) Undefined CASE name: %1.

(FOC03655) Invalid WINFORM command: %1.

(FOC03656) WebFOCUS MAINTAIN Error. Goto Exit Forced. Reason = %1.

(FOC03657) Subscript must be an integer for type %1.

(FOC03658) Invalid type/format for argument #%1 in call to CASE %2.

(FOC03659) STACK CLEAR error: %1.

(FOC03660) WINFORM Error on %1: SHOW command must precede HIDE.

(FOC03661) WINFORM Error on %1: SHOW command must precede UNHIDE.

(FOC03662) (Internal Error) Unable to read UWS object at address %1.

(FOC03663) (Internal Error) Unable to read '%1' for function '%2'.

(FOC03664) Error processing arguments to external function '%1'.

(FOC03665) Error loading external function '%1'.

(FOC03666) : %1 : Is an Invalid Type Column Position.

Subsequent data to be typed is ignored.

(FOC03667) Type Statement Area Overflow near column : %1 :.

There is a limit of 256 bytes on the size of a single line of formatted output in a TYPE statement. Try inserting "</n" to break the large line into smaller pieces.

(FOC03668) Winform Error: Source data, %1, is not in %2 format.

(FOC03669) Winform Error: Received data, %1, is not in %2 format.

(FOC03670) Target of CONTAINS/OMITS, %1, is longer than source, %2.

(FOC03671) DEPENDENTS ignored on CASE %1.

(FOC03672) Invalid Fieldname following FOC.

(FOC03673) : %1 : Exceeds maximum length for a virtual fieldname.

(FOC03674) ?flat may only operate on real fields.

(FOC03675) Error parsing file : %1 :.

(FOC03676) : %1 : Is not a valid compile time function.

(FOC03677) A COPY Statement with a WHERE clause requires a FOR.

(FOC03678) DB Format Error: Data from Database, %1, is not in %2 format.

(FOC03679) DB Format Error: Data for Database, %1, is not in %2 format.

(FOC03680) %1 is not an acceptable value for field %2.

(FOC03681) Syntax Error near column %1.

(FOC03682) Error In FIND. : %1 : does not specify a Database Field.

(FOC03683) Invalid Value : %1 does not lie between %2 and %3.

(FOC03684) %1 is Bad ProcName: Exceeds Maximum Length.

The procedure name in an EXEC Statement or a METHOD in the Master File exceeds the maximum supported name length, currently equal to 31.

(FOC03685) Unable to Create Execution Manager.

The STARTUP Method failed for the Execution Manager Object, probably due to a resource outage. The Execution Manager is created to process the EXEC statement, or a Method in the Master File, or to send and receive parameters.

(FOC03686) Compilation failed for called Procedure: %1.

(FOC03687) Load failed for compiled image of called Proc: %1.

(FOC03688) Run failed for called Procedure: %1.

(FOC03689) Called Proc, %1, wants %2 input parms but received %3.

(FOC03690) Called Proc, %1, wants %2 Output parms but was called w/ %3.

(FOC03691) %1 Parm number %2 cannot be mapped from caller to callee.

(FOC03692) Run-time Error : %1.

(FOC03693) WARNING : Divide by zero!

(FOC03694) Stack index is less than or equal to zero.

(FOC03695) Parameter Type Not Supported For Procedure Calls.

(FOC03696) Parameter Type Map Exceeds Maximum Length.

(FOC03697) Fully Qualified Name Required For Type Map Too Long.

(FOC03698) WARNING!... %1 Parm number %2: Partial Type Match.

The stack composition of the CALLER stack is not identical to that of the stack called.

(FOC03699) Fatal Error...INTO stack requires HTML column name.

For the EXEC statement receiving PCHOLD FORMAT HTML/ HTMTABLE records from the CALLEE, a column name of HTML and format A250 is required.

(FOC03699) Fatal Error...%1 Stack Number %2 : No Columns Match.

The CALLER stack contains no columns equivalent to those columns in the called stack.

(FOC03700) FATAL ERROR!... %1 Parameter %2 : Incompatible Types.

(FOC03701) Invalid SET %1 value for MAINTAIN.

Maintain requires the FOCUS field name setting to be NEW or NOTR. A setting of OLD will produce this message. Similarly, Maintain requires the QUALCH to be a period ('.').

(FOC03702) Warning. No position on parents of segment : %1 :.

An attempt was made to either MATCH or NEXT (explicitly or implicitly) on the segment specified without a position on the parent segments. As a result no records could be retrieved.

(FOC03703) Warning. Cannot find the IMPORT file : %1 :.

(FOC03704) Cannot find the file : %1 :.

(FOC03705) Sink Name Conflict on Database : %1 :.

In a Maintain application, only one sink machine may be specified for any one FOCUS database. Maintain detected the same database being specified with different ON sink names. The application is terminated.

(FOC03706) WINFORM Error on %1: CLOSE not allowed for suspended form.

(FOC03707) WINFORM Error on %1: SHOW command must precede CLOSE.

(FOC03708) WINFORM Error on %1: Duplicate SHOW command for a form.

(FOC03709) WINFORM Error on %1: INACTIVE not allowed for active form.

(FOC03710) WINFORM Error on %1: SHOW command must precede REFRESH.

(FOC03711) WINFORM Error on %1: HIDE is not allowed for active form.

(FOC03712) WINFORM Error on %1: UNHIDE is meaningless for displayed form.

(FOC03713) EDIT CONTROL Error on %1: Associated variable is not an FBIT.

(FOC03714) GRID Error on %1: Associated variable is not a Stack.

(FOC03715) STATIC CONTROL Error on %1: Associated variable is not an FBIT.

(FOC03716) LISTBOX Error on %1: Associated variable is not a Stack.

(FOC03717) RADIOGROUP Error on %1: Associated variable is not a Stack.

(FOC03718) Error on %1: Object is not a Rectangle.

(FOC03719) Error on %1: Object is not a Window.

(FOC03720) Variable :%1: is not a stack. It cannot be sorted.

(FOC03721) :%1: is not a column in stack :%2:. Cannot sort on it.

(FOC03722) Command :%1: failed. Out of Memory.

(FOC03723) :%1: is not a database field.

The update command operates only on fields.

(FOC03724) Invalid Stack Copy Argument.

The Copy command may only be used for moving structured types. Either the From or the Into argument is a scalar.

(FOC03725) :%1: is explicitly declared and cannot be inferred.

(FOC03726) DBA Error. User does not have %1 access rights for :%2:.

(FOC03727) Datatypes not supported for computational/comparison operation.

(FOC03728) Segment :%1: is not writable.

(FOC03729) Error processing return value for external function '%1'

(FOC03730) :%1: is/are not supported in Maintain.

(FOC03731) Error Allocating Memory for X-Maintain Execution.

This error may occur during the compilation or execution phase.

(FOC03732) Error Binding to Child Procedure: %1.

The bind failure is only fatal during execution phase.

(FOC03733) Communications Error in X-Maintain Processing.

Using the appropriate communications trace may yield more detail.

(FOC03734) Error occurred on MAINTAIN srvr during remote processing.

(FOC03735) Error Occurred Building Outbound X-Maintain Data Stream.

(FOC03736) Server returned inconsistent Bind Reply Data Stream.

(FOC03737) Server returned unrecognized Data Stream.

(FOC03738) Comm Failure Attempting Send to Proc %1 at Srvr %2.

(FOC03739) Failure Attempting Communications Initialization.

(FOC03740) Connect to Proc %1 at Srvr %2 failed, no free agent.

Connection to remote server failed.

(FOC03741) Comm Fail Receiving Message from Proc %1 at Srvr %2.

(FOC03742) Communications Driver returned unrecognized Event.

(FOC03743) Error Exchanging Maps With Proc %1 at Srvr %2.

(FOC03744) Error Packing Data For Shipment to Proc %1 at Srvr %2.

(FOC03745) Error Receiving Data From Proc %1 at Srvr %2.

(FOC03746) Invalid Execute Reply message from Proc %1 at Srvr %2.

(FOC03747) Error Message %1 issued for Proc %2 at Srvr %3.

(FOC03748) Too Many Databases Specified.

Currently, a Maintain procedure may specify up to and including 16 databases on the command line. In this case, more than 16 were specified.

(FOC03749) %1 FOCCOMP is 'old'. To regain start up speed use RECOMPILE.

In this release, the format of the MAINTAIN FOCCOMP has changed. You can still use RUN to execute a MAINTAIN FOCCOMP but the time to first screen will be slow (similar to EX of MAINTAIN FOCEXEC). To regain the start up speed, use RECOMPILE on the old FOCCOMP to produce a new FOCCOMP.

(FOC03750) COMBOBOX Error on %1: Associated variable is not a Stack.

(FOC03751) PICTUREBOX Error on %1: Associated variable is not an FBIT.

(FOC03752) PICTUREBUTTON Error on %1: Associated variable is not an FBIT.

(FOC03753) Warning: Missing Closing Quote near Column %1.

(FOC03754) Duplicate item name %1 in type %2.

Items names must be unique.

(FOC03755) Last argument to %1 must be a variable.

The last argument in a user written subroutine call must be a variable.

(FOC03756) Cross-reference to file %1 on different SU.

All of the cross-references of a file must be on the same sink machine. Check the USE list.

(FOC03757) Acceptable range of values is between %1 and %2.

(FOC03758) Communications Software Not Installed Or Not In Path.

The iWay API is not available to Parent Maintain attempting cross machine CALL.

(FOC03759) An Invalid Stack was provided to the GetAccept Method.

The stack passed by an application to the GetAccept method on a field must have an ALPHANUMERIC field of sufficient width as its first column.

(FOC03760) SetFocus can't be applied before Winform %1 is shown.

(FOC03761) Fatal Error: %1 %2.

The above error should never occur. If it does, write down the exact message description and report the problem to the Information Builders office in New York.

(FOC03762) Can't use FIND with non-indexed field %1.

The field specified must be an indexed field.

(FOC03763) Prior Message Produced by Proc %1 on Srvr %2.

(FOC03764) From Server ==> %1.

(FOC03765) Error Loading Compiled Procedure: %1.

The COMPILED image of the specified procedure cannot be loaded.

(FOC03766) Client/Server mismatch for file %1.

The number of fields for this file does not match. Possibly due to different Master Files on the client and server or a DBA field restriction.

(FOC03767) FIND error. Fields %1 and %2 are incompatible.

The "from" and "to" fields have different lengths.

(FOC03768) Error writing to %1 FOCCOMP.

(FOC03769) Unable to open %1 FOCCOMP for writing.

(FOC03770) Unable to open %1 FOCCOMP for reading.

(FOC03771) Error reading from %1 FOCCOMP.

(FOC03772) Invalid version for %1 FOCCOMP. Please RECOMPILE.

The FOCCOMP was produced with an older version of MAINTAIN. Use the RECOMPILE command to create an updated FOCCOMP.

(FOC03773) COMPILE failed with return code %1.

(FOC03774) Database position invalidated for file %1.

A child (called) MAINTAIN has performed a database operation that invalidated the position of the parent MAINTAIN.

(FOC03775) Dynamic cross-reference for file %1 not supported.

The closest "real" parent of the dynamic cross-referenced segment is not using the local direct FOCUS access mechanism.

(FOC03776) File-Transfer-Utility cannot obtain enough memory.

(FOC03777) FTP client attempted operation with unknown server.

(FOC03778) FTP Put has failed.

No server acknowledgement has been received.

(FOC03779) FTP utility has encountered an invalid data stream.

(FOC03780) FTP utility: internal error building x-mit packet.

(FOC03781) FTP utility encountered error attempting to read file.

(FOC03782) FTP encountered error transmitting file.

(FOC03783) FTP request for FileList has failed.

(FOC03784) FTP failure writing file.

(FOC03785) FTP failed connecting to server.

(FOC03786) FTP failure: Communications link is not installed.

(FOC03787) FTP failure: Communications failure.

(FOC03788) FTP failure: Server reports an error in processing.

(FOC03789) FTP fail: internal error building data stream.

(FOC03790) FTP fail: Send Fail.

(FOC03791) FTP fail: Communications Initialization Error.

(FOC03792) FTP fail: Error receiving response from server.

(FOC03793) Warning: Null Stack Copy Detected.

The specified COPY command (includes database commands that specify a FROM stack) has not found any columns in the two stacks that match. No data will be moved. If field names and formats match, check the missable attribute.

(FOC03794) Protocol compatibility error with SU ( %1 ).

The client requires services that are unavailable on the specified server. The SU (sink machine) should be upgraded to the proper revision level.

(FOC03795) Invalid PF-key mapping.

(FOC03796) Master File :%1: has already been specified.

The list of Master Files on the Maintain command line may not have repetitions.

(FOC03797) File %1 is write-protected.

The user has attempted to UPDATE, INCLUDE, or DELETE to a write-protected file.

(FOC03798) Call Transmission Limit Exceeded.

There is currently a maximum amount of data (this includes the data describing the data) that can be passed in a CALL statement.

(FOC03799) Open for file :%1: failed.

The file specified could not be opened. If it was a DDNAME, check that a FILEDEF was issued for it.

(FOC03800) Duplicate Declaration of %1 Variable %2.

The variable specified has been declared more than one time in the specified scope level.

(FOC03801) Maintain EXEC RPC failure.

(FOC03802) Maintain EXEC Receive failure.

(FOC03803) Maintain EXEC Connect failure.

(FOC03804) Maintain EXEC Bind failure.

(FOC03805) Local Maintain EXEC not supported on this platform.

(FOC03806) FTP failure: compile error.

(FOC03807) FTP failure: error deleting file.

(FOC03808) Warning: Boolean operation on non-boolean expression.

The expression may not produce the expected results.

(FOC03809) Warning: 'IS NOT' encountered, try 'IS_NOT'.

The expression may not produce the expected results.

(FOC03810) Error overriding %1 %2::%3 : signatures are not identical.

The event or method definition overrides a method or event in the base class that has a different parameter list or return value.

(FOC03811) Incomplete class definition '%1'.

An incomplete or undefined class was encountered while processing the formal parameter list of a method.

(FOC03812) EXPORT modules cannot be executed directly.

Programs that are specified as MODULE EXPORT cannot be executed directly.

(FOC03813) Invalid type %1 for argument %2 to user written subroutine %3.

User-written subroutines can only have arguments that are FOCUS types. (No user defined types or MAINTAIN extended types allowed.)

(FOC03814) Unclosed multi-line comment.

Multi-line comments that start with '$*' must be closed with '*$'.

(FOC03815) Stack Sort BY field :%1: does not specify a column.

The most likely cause is that the file name or a segment name in the stack is the same as the field name you are trying to sort by. Augmenting the qualification of the field name will fix the problem.

(FOC03816) Disconnect failed.

(FOC03817) Warning: %1 is outside of the century window.

(FOC03818) ENDREPEAT encountered outside of a REPEAT loop.

(FOC03819) Date format error: %1 cannot be greater than %2.

(FOC03820) Warning: Assuming %1 is an abbreviation for %2.

When a field in a structure is not found, MAINTAIN will look for nested fields with the same name as an abbreviation. In certain cases, this may lead to unintended behavior. The number or size of the local variables, or the size of an expression may be too large.

(FOC03821) Local variable space overflow.

The number or size of the local variables, or the size of an expression may be too large.

(FOC03822) Expression too large.

There are too many terms in an expression.

(FOC03823) NULL object handle encountered.

A handle (@ variable) is being referenced that has not been assigned to an object.

(FOC03824) Memory allocation failure for %1.

An internal function was unable to allocate sufficient memory for task completion. Try increasing the run-time memory allocation. If the error condition persists, notify the Information Builders office in New York.

(FOC03825) Recursive CALL of Maintain :%1: detected. Not Supported.

Maintain does not support recursive calls. This includes direct and indirect recursive calls.

(FOC03826) Expression has no value.

MAINTAIN requires a value, but the expression coded does not produce a value.

(FOC03827) Warning: Assuming %1 is a FUSELIB function.

The function being referenced may not be available on all platforms.

(FOC03828) From Server %1 ==> %2.

(FOC03829) An EXEC Statement must specify a Server.

An Exec statement requires an AT clause.

(FOC03830) Error encountered while parsing master file :%1:.

(FOC03831) Unrecognized MNTCON Command.

(FOC03833) Internal Error detected in MASPAR :%1:.

(FOC03834) Unable to PREPARE Maintain Application Server.

(FOC03835) Unable to START Maintain Application Server.

(FOC03838) Cannot prepare specified Maintain for Application Server.

The Maintain procedure in question has requirements that conflict with the Application Server architecture. Check subsequent error messages to determine which Maintain procedure is at fault. Most likely, the cause is FOCUS DB access, DBA in the Master File, or DEFINES in the Master File.

(FOC03839) AppServer command :%1: invalid in state :%2:.

Certain application server commands are invalid in certain application server states. For example, a running application server cannot accept a COMPILE command.

(FOC03840) Called Procedure :%1: has not been preloaded, Cannot Invoke.

Once the Maintain Application Server has been started, all Maintain procedures that are invoked must have been preloaded during the preparation phase of the server.

(FOC03841) A Maintain Remote CALL Server must specify PRIVATE deployment.

Reconfigure the server. The most likely cause of confusion is due to the fact that the Maintain Scalable Application Server requires POOLED deployment. The Maintain Remote CALL Server is a different type of server.

(FOC03842) Packed decimal precision loss during call.

(FOC03843) Client Parameter at Index: %1 Precision: %2 Row: %3, Column: %4.

(FOC03844) Input Parameter Data: %1.

(FOC03845) Does Not Match Server Parameter Precision.

(FOC03846) Server Focexec: %1.

(FOC03847) %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 ].

(FOC03848) Maintain image of files does not match current file list.

A non-Maintain request (for example, TABLE) has caused file descriptions to move in memory since the Maintain procedure was loaded. Use the USE command in your profile to latch the files into relative positions before running any Maintain procedures.

00000(FOC03849) Compiled maintain image not loadable: %1.

00000(FOC03850) Prior traced statement: %1.

When an error or warning occurs, the last statement recognized by the Maintain statement trace facility is displayed. The granularity of the statement tracing can be increased by using the DEBUG option when the procedure is compiled. (The syntax is MNTCON DEBUG COMPILE procname.)

00000(FOC03851) Database rollback forced due to previous error.

00000(FOC03852) Warning: %1 of fex or winform size-limit already reached.

Over 90% of AST nodes are used already. Adding more complexity to the fex or winform could exceed AST node limit.

00000(FOC03853) Failure opening an IMPORT.

00000(FOC03854) MNTCON command %1 requires a filename argument.

(FOC03855) FATAL ERROR!... %1 Parameter %2: Stack cannot be subscripted.

(FOC03856) FCM file contains no Web Debug information.