How WebFOCUS Maintain Saves Your Forms

When creating a Maintain project using the MDE, most of the logic that controls the appearance and behavior of the forms is not visible. In the procedure file (.MNT) related to the form, WINFORM SHOW is the only thing that is visible. A separate resource file (.WFM or WINFORM) that supplies the run-time form information is created during the deploy process from the internal form code stored in the original .MNT file at design time. This internal form code is not actually used at run time, and once the .WFM file is created the code can be kept in remotely deployed .MNT files by selecting an option in the Deploy wizard. For more information on this option, see Partitioning and Deploying Project Files in the Creating Reporting Applications With Developer Studio manual.

Note: The development copy of a Maintain project with forms will always contain the source code of the forms in the .MNT files. This code should never be manually edited. At compile time, both the .MNT code and the .WFM resource code are built into a run-time procedure (the .FCM, or FOCCOMP file).