The TYPE ON EDAPRINT command will allow a Type statement within a Maintain procedure to be sent to the EDAPRINT.LOG file instead of to the browser. It will append each TYPE ON EDAPRINT message to the log so that previous statements are not lost. These statements can be used as a debugging tool to verify whether or not certain parts of an application are being executed, to track variable values, and to monitor user activities without stopping the server or generating a large trace file.

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Example: Using Type on EDAPRINT

The following code

type on edaprint "first to edaprint";
type "hello world! from user1";
type on EDAPRINT "hello - send to edaprint";

generates the following in the EDAPRINT.LOG file:

11/20/2002 13:53:28 Pid=00001528 MntType: first to edaprint
11/20/2002 13:53:28 Pid=00001528 MntType: hello-  send to edaprint