IBIValidation Property

The IBIValidation property enables you to automatically validate data formats for edit boxes and multi-edit boxes at run time, as well as designate a field as required.

Applies to: Edit boxes and multi-edit boxes.

Setting dynamically:

Winform Set form.control.IBIValidation TO {0|1|2};

Property Settings:

0 – No

Disables the IBIValidation property. This is the default value.

1 – Yes

Enables the IBIValidation property. This will automatically validate the format of the data entered against the format of the field bound to the control.

If the edit box is bound to a field, a message will pop up at run time if the user enters data with a format that does not match the field (for example, alphanumeric data for a numeric field). The message appears when you submit the form.

2 - Required

Requires you to provide a value when this setting is applied. If you do not supply a value, a message appears when you submit the form indicating that data must be entered. After you enter a value, the format is validated.

Setting validation on and off dynamically using JavaScript or VBScript:


Setting ‘Required’ dynamically using JavaScript or VBScript:




Means a value is required.


Means a value can be missing.

To set the Required option dynamically using JavaScript or VBScript, you must first enable basic validation, either from within the MDE before run time, or by using the script syntax noted above.