Hyperlink Property

The Hyperlink property determines whether the browser of the end user should treat a text control as a hyperlink. If the browser recognizes the text control as a hyperlink, then it displays a hand whenever end users move their cursors over the text control, and uses its own settings to determine what the text control will look like.

The text control must have an event handler assigned to the Click event. Otherwise, WebFOCUS Maintain ignores the setting for the Hyperlink property.

For example, in Internet Explorer 5, if you click Internet Options in the Tools menu, and then click Colors in the General tab, you can set the colors for visited and unvisited links and also turn on the Hover feature. Text controls with the Hyperlink property set to 1 - Yes will then use these settings.

Applies to: Text.

Setting dynamically:

Winform Set form.text.HYPERLINK TO {0|1};

Property Settings:

0 - No

Turns off the Hyperlink property (the default).

1 - Yes

Turns on the Hyperlink property.